About Us

Hangover Games Portal

Hello, friend! We think you should be having fun and playing more than browsing endless lists of non-functioning unplayable games.

This is why we created Hangover Games Portal and our Game of Hour feature.

We actually play and test every game we showcase on our site and on our dynamic banner before publishing them. We try to be unique and different from other game sites, so you don't get a page full of small boxes of random games from us.

Vehikill from Hangover Games

We also maintain the Vehikill.io -- which we saved from ghosting out of the internet by buying rights to it from the original author (they went bankruptcy). If you have a web game and you're in a bad spot, please contact us instead of ghosting out.

We will put 10% from all of our sales to the development for Vehikill -- or you may purchase development directly per minute.

Hangover Games Store

We need a way to make money, so we provide what we do best: Global hosting services for your games, websites and online stores.

We also sell ads to our gaming banner and other services related to our games and websites.

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