Services for Game Developers

All of our services are free of charge by default. We don't even have usual ads on our own website.

  1. We can provide global hosting solutions for your games and gaming websites
  2. We can pay your domain registration fees
  3. We can buy games from you -- if you're not willing to continue their maintenance anymore
  4. Pitch your ideas to to us, and we just might be interested to finance the development

Fee for Our Services

At the minimum you'll only need to use our game advertisement banner on your game -- which only advertises other free to play games. We are always open in hearing your business proposal. We assess every request for service individually and reserve our right to reject our services for any reason.

You are free to have your own ads on your games. However we might reject our services if your game has too many of them.

Commercial Services

Paid sponsorship and advertising options are available from our Holvi Web Shop.